Resolution changes by itself on windows 7 startup

My resolution changes when i restart computer,and while windows is starting up,but when its started it is all normal,but some older games,i cant start in 1680 1050,and it cant be changed,in settings of the game!!!
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  1. Have you installed all of drivers?
    how old this games?
  2. Resolution switching during computer startup is normal, as long as windows runs at the resolution you set once the startup is done.

    If a game is old enough, it might not have that resolution as an option. Normally, if you can't choose a resolution in the game, it won't run at that resolution. The game needs to be designed with that resolution as an option in order to have it available in game.
  3. No,i have played the game,before on windows 7 rc and i could strech it on 1680 1050,but when i installed,windows 7 ultimate 64 bit,that happened,and the game is LOTR battle for middle earth 2,my resolution is normal in every other game,but only that game i now cant play in that resolution.And the resolution switch on startup, started to happen recently by itself,it was normal before!!
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