Replacing heatsink do i need to reapply thermal paste

im currently using a stock heatsink on my i7 930 0c'd to 3.6ghz, a friend of mine is getting a new cpu heatsink for his 965, he said i could have his 965 heatsink because it would provide better cooling. if i use it will i need to reapply thermal paste or clean the cpu first? (the 965 already has thermal compound on it apperently)
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  1. We're talking about the i7-965 heatsink, right? Not the Phenom X4 965?

    You very much want to clean the heat spreader of your i7-930 before installing the new CPU cooler. A Q-tip and isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) gets the job done.
    You won't need to add any thermal compound since the right amount is already on the CPU cooler heatsink.
  2. If the 965 heatsink has already been used then I would think the thermal paste would be no good. Either way, if you already getting a better heat sink, why not put some quality thermal paste like AC5?
  3. acdcninja said:
    the 965 already has thermal compound on it apperently
    If the 965 heatsink hasn't been used before you won't need to add thermal compound.
    It it has been used - you'll need to clean the residue off the heatsink and then apply new thermal compound to your CPU.
    OCZ Freeze or Arctic Cooling MX-2 are thermal compounds I like.

    i7-920 and i7-965 CPU coolers.
  4. thanks for the replys guys. no the i7 965's heatsink hasnt been used. my friend left that out because he hasnt finished building his system. hes waiting for his new zalman cooler to arive before he fires it up lol. so hes giving me his (i know i said 'old' but its still in its clamshell packaging and hasnt been used lol) heatsink... so when i remove my old i7 930 heatsink will i need to clean the cpu or can i just slap the cooler straight on lol, thanks
  5. You'll get the best result if you do clean the heat spreader on your CPU.
    But you'll have a chance to eyeball what's left on the CPU and you probably could get away without cleaning if there are no large scraps of thermal compound remaining.
  6. ok thanks, i think il go have a look now, and get that heatsink off my mate, hopefully should lower temps a bit
  7. 965 heatsinks come with thermal paste pre applied irrelevant of it being used or new, I would not recommend the stock paste in my experience.
  8. Yea mate, the stock paste is usually rubish, get some quality thermal past like AC5 or Arctic MX-2 or MX-4. Clean the remaining thermal paste off with alcohol wipes on both the CPU and the cooler then put a small pea sized drop of thermal paste and squish it with you cooler. but once it is squished dont take the cooler off again until you need to as it may create air bubbles.

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