Planning for a new gaming machine!

Hi guys, just wanted to get some advice for a new build I'm planning to do in August/Sept when school starts up again!


BUDGET RANGE: Ideally $1200 - $1300, but abs max of no more than $1500 after taxes/before rebates (unless you can convince me that I just gotta have it)

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming, Movies, Programming, Multitask

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor (I could use another one though, currently got a 23' Acer)

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS:,,, (essentially anything in Canada.. if I can attain all parts locally a ++!)

COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Canada (ontario specifically)

PARTS PREFERENCES: Intel CPU... best bang for buck GPU/RAM(s)



MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 (2 monitors possible)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: It would be a bonus if my computer doesn't sound like a jet-engine at all times.

I'm pretty much flexible for everything: SSD for boot drive is a consideration. I haven't been quite following the computer scene for a bit now so please enlighten me! (last build was a Q6600 =P)
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  1. You should also consider as they're based out of Southern Ontario. I've dealt with them numerous times with great results.

    Why don't you try throwing together a system, and then we can give you pointers from there. You learn a lot more via this method, in my opinion.
  2. That's a very nice looking system, you've done quite well.

    - If you want to try to save some money, you could go for a quad-core i5 over the i7's; they're a bit cheaper, and the 1156 MoBo's tend to cost a bit less as well.
    - You don't need 850W from your PSU, so I'm sure you could save a couple dollars there.
    - If you don't plan on overclocking, then the aftermarket heatsink isn't mandatory.
    - You can get cheaper RAM than that; that MoBo only supports up to DDR3-1600 unless you're overclocking, so you can get something a bit slower, without any hit to performance.
  3. If you want some ideas on how to drop the price, but still maintain high performance:

    ~ Try to find a different 5850, there's probably a cheaper one available than the TOXIC variants of the Saphire cards.
    ~ Drop the SSD, it's more of a luxary item ithan a necessity in this price range.
    ~ Drop down to a 750W Power Supply, 850 is more than you need, even if you had 2 5850's in CrossFire.
    ~ Scout for a cheaper X58 motherboard that has most of the features you'd like.
    ~ You could try getting the Hyper 212 CPU heatsink on for about half the price when they get more stock:
    ~ Give an American friend $200 and have him/her buy you an i7-930 from Microcenter or Fry's (they have a deal to get the i7-930 for $200 instead of the ~$300 that it goes for on newegg).

    Otherwise that's a very good build. Good luck.
  4. dropping the SSD is no problem for me.. I can always get one later on.. sure smaller PSU is fine.

    @secranox :: Cheaper X58 motherboard? Suggestions? I only picked this one cause I heard it is easy/good to OC with.. which also brings me to why I want a hyper 212.... Also cheaper variants of 5850, are there really significant performance differences between all the various versions?

    @Pyroflea:: suggestions for cheaper ram?? I would like to OC if it doesn't break the bank.
  5. ~Well you could get a good X58 board for $190 with this:
    But you lose out on Sata 6GB/s and USB3.0. So the board you have is fine if you want those features.

    ~Different brands of the same GPU model are generally very similar if not identical in performance. There are certainly exceptions to this, but most GPU's are based off of the manufacturer's stock reference design so there should be no difference in performance. You can get this XFX 5850 for $90 cheaper. And it has a double lifetime warranty (typical of XFX cards).
  6. Yeah I want the sata 6gb/s and USB3.0 =P.. so I guess I'll be keeping this board..

    ~Thanks for the GPU tip.. I'll keep my eye out.

    Hopefully prices will drop in the next 2 months so this build becomes within my budget.

    Although do you know if anything worth the wait is coming out in 2 months I should look out for? (hexacores?)
  7. Well, Intel is supposed to introduce a midrange hexacore CPU; but by midrange, they mean something like $400-500. I'm sure if I missed anything substantial, someone will swing by and correct me though. Other than that, now is a pretty stable time to buy.
  8. secranox said:
    Well, Intel is supposed to introduce a midrange hexacore CPU; but by midrange, they mean something like $400-500. I'm sure if I missed anything substantial, someone will swing by and correct me though. Other than that, now is a pretty stable time to buy.

    I don't think that is correct although I very much appreciate your uncertainty over those cocky guys who just claim false claims.

    To my knowledge intel is bringing out sandy bridge end of this year which will be mid-range quad cores like the current 1156. Ir's also bringing out the 990 which will replace the 980 but I think that will be very expensive. They are also bringing out a hexa and octo core end of next year but they have more cache than the current 980 and fout channel memory so I presume they are also very powerful and expensive.

    If there is anything for you to wait for then it would be a few more months for socket 1155.
  9. And what does socket 1155 entail?
  10. aKeio said:
    And what does socket 1155 entail?

    I don't really what you mean by entail but if you mean what kind of cpu's 1155 will be then well 1155 will consist of mid range quad cores like 1156. But they will be newer and therefore be 32nm and support lightpeak, usb3 and sata3 natively. SO they will simply replace the currunt i5's im my eyes.
  11. Okay, so if I built an i7 it wouldn't be rendered obsolete by this 1155.
  12. Well that's where I'm confused. Intel is making the 1356 socket end of next year which should replace 1366. But the entry level cpu of that socket will be a hexacore with more cache than the current 980. So I presume it will be far better it also has four channel memory instead of 3. Intel is still making new cpu's for 1366 so they aren't considering it as dead themselves. But then again if there is 1356 hexa core to put the 980 out of buisness and maybe there is a 1155 to compete with the quad 45nm i7's. Maybe i7's won't be that valueable anymore. So I don't really know what will happen.

    IMO plan your build with the 930 and if when you are about to purchase it you find more information about the 1155 cpu's and that info appeals to you then get one of those.
  13. Yeah I was reading up stuff when I was planning this thing out and everybody seemed to be mentioning these hexacores and what not.. but i was reading stuff from 09 saying they were supposed to come out in '10 but it hasn't shown up yet and what not.

    Yeah I'm currently just holding the plans as they are now.. I mean if anybody has any more knowledge on whats going to go on in the next little bit could point out some things for me?

    I guess the question is going to be.. the 930 (oc'd) vs the entry level hexacore?
    But I guess we should also take account into price?
  14. you can check wikipedia all the information seems to be correct I checked most of it with other sources

    It's very clear in those graphs

    I think the new hexa core will make minced meat out of the 930. But yeah as you say the price I think it will be very very expensive.
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