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So I just built my first computer, and it's my first time with a SSD and HDD on the same computer. The SSD is 240gb and the HDD is 1TB, so I want to try and put all of my large files on the HDD which are not speed intensive. I want to use the SSD for Windows and games and other programs I use often. Currently, the SSD has the drive letter (C:) and my HDD has the drive letter (F:)... So, I want is...

-In order to make things easier when installing many programs, I would love it if programs would automatically choose my HDD directory instead of my SSD to install to, so I don't have to keep changing the directory when installing and making new folders for the software. Is it at all possible to change which default drive they chose to install to?

-To remap My Pictures, My Documents, My Videos, Downloads and other Windows Explorer folders onto my HDD

-Anything else I should know in order to save space on my SSD

Any input helps, thanks yall!
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    As far as changing the default install location for programs, google it. You shouldnt really need to do that many installs once you finish your initial loads.
  2. Here's a list of good articles that will help you do what you want.
  3. You should not change the Default location of C:\Program Files - and just have to remember when installing software that you want it in a different location. (you'll remember soon enough as I do it as well).

    However, for My Pcitures and Videos etc... Windows 7 has the ability to change these by simply right clicking on the Folder and selecting the 'Location' tab. This allows you to change the location of these files to another Hard Disk.
  4. Yeah whenever I install something that I dont want on the SSD i just change C to D and thats it. It really isnt much of a hassle.
  5. Thanks guys, guess I will just need to take the time to change each directory!
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    Good info give there to help you dubblez.
    You're asking yourself and doing pretty much what most normal folk with SSD's do. Keep commonly used programs and activities which speed up 'your' (or, the average user's) workflow to the SSD.
    Remember and include as a minimum, a routine C: backup protocol. For speed of backup, restore and ease of use I can't recommend immaging software highly enough e.g. Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost. Enjoy your SSD....I'm sure you've seen the big improvement already!
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