Thernaltake v9 Black Edition with 400W pSU

Hey, I was looking to buy a new case at a cheap price and I saw Newegg had the v9 for $50 and I thought I would jump on it. My only worry is that the fans may be too mucb for my current 400W PSU.

I would be transfering:

M2n68-am se 2 motherboard with an AMD Athlon X2 5600+ at 2.9 ghz

4 GBs of DDR2 RAM (2 sticks)

GT 240

a reader/writer optical drive


The v9 has 4 fans (two 230mm and two 120mm).

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  1. Fans take tiny amounts of power as far as I'm concerned. I reckon you'd be fine, although any major upgrades probably wouldn't be possible.
  2. Fans barely draw any current at all, so I wouldn't be worried. My 120mm LED Fans take ~0.20A each.
  3. Excellent. I was also wondering if those case fans will connect directly to my motherboard or to the PSU becuase I dont have any sys fan slots except for the cpu fan.
  4. You'll probably have to connect it to your power supply then.
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