Radeon hd 5850 crash windows 7 32 bit

hi guys!! i am having a big problem with the driver here! i just bought a new sapphire 5850. i have uninstalled all the old drivers and plug the card in., but after i installed the new driver from the ati website and it doesnt work . i try to reboot my computer several times, however, it sometimes shows the blue screens and sometimes displays nothing after the starting window sign. i have also tried to reinstall my window too. unfortunately, it didnt work either. after all, i try to put the computer in safe mode and it works only for the safe mode. i uninstall the driver from the safe mode and reboot the window and it works. i try to install the driver again and it does the same thing... blue screens and all blank after the starting window sign. please anyone!! help me out!! i will greatly appreciate your help.
sys, 500w power,core 2 e8500,4 gig ram and gigabyte ep45-ds4p mother board, thanks.
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  1. try updating your bios from the gigabyte website,,,but before doing first remove your graphic card and uninstall ati drivers...and after restart install vga drivers from motherboard and now update your bios..then reinsert your graphic card and install its drivers......well this trick worked for my hd 4650...maybe it will work for u too.
  2. What is your current PSU? brand? model?
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