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My Dumb Mistake - Deleted RAID 0 - hralp!

Normally, you're worried that you will lose all your data from a failed drive in a RAID 0 configuration. Welllll, that's not what happened.

So im booted up into Mediashield's GUI (nforce 750i motherboard) and I have 4 hard drives. 2 pair of RAID 0's cuz I never have enough
money to buy more than 1 or 2 drives at a time lol...

Anyway, I'm swapping out the first pair so I remove them and then I delete them. Waaaait, hold the phone. I didn't look at the screen
carefully enough and when I hit the 'D' key to signify Delete, I didn't realize it was my 2nd pair up on the chopping block.

I continued sorrowfully installing Windows 7 Ult x64 on the 2 new drives in RAID 0 and finished all that up, updates and all. Now the only
thing I've done about that 2nd pair of hdd's in RAID 0 is initialize them through Disk Management. As of right now they are otherwise
untouched, and being thoroughly scanned by R-Studio 5.2 Network Edition.

Now I'm gonna assume I just deleted the partition table or something on that 2nd pair right? All the data is there. Windows doesn't see the
partition it used to have. In nVidia's control panel it still recognizes there "was" a partition and shows both. Now within Windows my
only option is to format. What other choice do I have? I don't have much experience with recovering from stupid mistakes (half humor)
but it seems like there's a utility or something that could restore that lost information and let me just boot up like I never fubbed 'em up
in the first place.

Can someone please help me.

(P.S. If anyone wants to spank me on Crysis 2 for being dumb this morning, first, help me fix this quickly, then i'll give u my handle lol)
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  1. I haven't slept in 24 hrs and just googled and smacked myself. Theoretically I could create a virtual raid with the disks in question from within R-Studio 5.2 Network Edition. See, I'm used to hardware failing or helping someone with viruses or spyware. I'll let this initial scan finish and save those results (idk but it sounds good) and then start digging into R-Studio. This is unknown territory for me, the only time I needed R-Studio was when my piece of crap expensive NAS failed within 51 weeks of the purchase date. I recovered less than a CD's worth of data from a nearly full 1TB drive ;(
  2. You're probably screwed, in the BIOS enter the RAID menu and 'TRY' typically option 4 {recover}.

    Also, assuming you have only your OS + Apps --- no big loss...format, Create RAID, and reinstall.
  3. Im in R-Studio and at the bottom I have 4 disks listed, all named NVIDIARaid Disk. Each has an assigned port # of 3 or 4. There's 2 of each. Then they have Path Id and Target Id values of 1,1 and 0,0 for each group in ports 3 or 4. In that particular area it doesn't show me size, so I'm having a hard time telling which two are the pair I need to create a virtual raid out of. The data I lost was all of my installed software, games, some non-critical but important backups that were about to be put up on the NAS. I shoulda finished that backup project first, yeah?

    ***The first two drives in RAID 0 are the boot drive(s), so might they be on port 3 and the 2 other disks in their RAID 0 are on port 4?***

    They're only initialized so Windows can recognize them at this point. I haven't formatted them or anything so they have no drive letter(s) nor do they appear in windows explorer. I can look at it through r-studio and of course disk management where i initialized em.

    Edit: Could those last four entries in r-studio be the two drives only? If so, that would mean the four disks listed are the 4 partitions, 2 partitions per physical disk, and only 2 partitions actual as was set up when working. I need some nods that I'm going in the right direction or if I should just wipe em, wash em, and start over.
  4. jaquith said:
    You're probably screwed, in the BIOS enter the RAID menu and 'TRY' typically option 4 {recover}.

    Also, assuming you have only your OS + Apps --- no big loss...format, Create RAID, and reinstall.

    I'm not ready to give up yet hehe. I'm 39% done with initial scan, with over 5,000 ntfs directories and 3.5 million files.
  5. Yeah, recover as much data as possible though I don't know how that's possible from a broken RAID 0?! {1/2 Data = No Data/Gibberish}

    If you have 4 HDDs then pull the HDDs one at a time to another PC to determine if there's readable data; RAID 0 is as I said unreadable/Gibberish.

    Q - Were the other (2) HDD's in RAID 0/1 also?

    If the HDDs are all identical, after this you might want to look into RAID 10.

    Naming is probably not reliable in a broken RAID; the name is entered in the RAID BIOS setup and not to be confused with Window's naming.

    I'm confused that you're confused, seemingly, what HDDs are what?!
  6. 4 HDDs
    2 74gb raptors - system drive
    2 1tb drives - programs, games, non-critical data but important, or critical data on its way to my 1tb NAS
    The 2 1tb drives were in RAID 0 and I partitioned it equally which amounts to drives x: and y:

    I'll mirror the raptors later like a raid0+1 I guess you call it. I'm not 100% on the terms, jus the ideas behind them.

    So those last 4 disks listed could represent the 2 1tb drives. 2 drives partitioned would make 4 physical partitions, while
    appearing as 2 in the RAID. All I did was hit that damned 'D' key in the raid bios. I'm sure all it did is wipe the partition
    table or something, or the mbr, or idk like i said, bad on terms but I have google and he's my friend hah.

    Now that I think about it, the numbers 3 and 4 must signify disks 3 and 4, and the 0 and 1 specifies the 1st and 2nd partition on 3 and on 4.
    I think I can just create a virtual raid and grab what I need since there was never any harm/damage/loss of the data. Regardless of all that, i'm gonna wait out this scan cuz its more than halfway complete now, and it'll let me know ahead if there's any read errors before I go ahead setting up this virtual raid. If I had gotten some sleep I never woulda hit that damned 'D' key, or atleast, had this figured out an hour ago lol.
    Thanks for chatting with me and the encouragement is always welcomed ;)

    I'm gonna check this thread in about 24 hrs to update or read more replies.

    P.S. This thread has over 50 reads probably cuz it has 'Crysis 2' in it lol
  7. You 'should' know better never to RAID 0 Data; I can wrap my mind around RAID 0 Raptors, RAID 1 1TB HDD, and using NAS for scheduled snapshots. More less that's what I do at home {SSD RAID 0/SSD non-RAID {OS + Apps}, 1TB RAID 1 {Data} with Windows Server with RAID 5 {Data snap shots}, office that's another thing too complex to list here. I couldn't care less if the Boot drives melt installing OS + Apps takes little time.

    I'm not a chop'em up partition guy either {e.g. short stroke}; also if I want another OS $50~$70 for a dedicated HDD with no dependencies and use the BIOS Profiles to select OSes.

    Again, BIOS enter the RAID menu and 'TRY' typically option 4 {recover}; after however you're going about recovering Data.
  8. I normally keep up with the data backups np, and sometime after my 570 gets here i'll be looking at some decent raid controllers and supporting it properly with numerous identical drives. This system's just a red-headed step-child of sorts slowing adding or losing pieces over the last 3 years. When i put the money into it in storage, or get tired of losing data, most likely both, then i'll do it right. i know how to do it right ive just told myself i wouldnt screw it up and backing up weekly's kept me straight up until today ;) thanks for your words.
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    Been there and that's the reason I do what I do and sledgehammer my point.

    There's nothing fun about this for you, and I'm sorry it happened.

    The BIOS Recovery is the best option, and there are Apps. However, recovery Apps are a last resort.

    Recovery Apps -> and or
  10. The scan finished, Im pulling every file i wanted off now, didnt even need to do a virtual raid, filenames in tact, everything, case closed ;)
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  12. Yeah Buddy!!! It's time for a beer! ;)
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