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I have a Packard bell i Media 5070 which needs a sound card and graphics card. I don't know where to get the information for this as the PC was only given to me. I tried searching for its manual in the internet but can't seem to find one. I went on to check the device manager and the other devices on the list has a question mark before it. Under the sound device, the C media ac 97 has a yellow exclamation mark and reads code10 when I tried to update it. The video part is marked yellow as well. I am planning to upgrade the memory and will buy 2 DDR RAM of 512mb to make a 1 gb memory. Hope this works. Please advise me on what to do so I can get the computer working. Many thanks in advance to all your expert opinion.
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  1. If your lan driver isn't loaded, you may want to purchase a cheap pci lan card and use it's driver. Once online, windows should be able to do a search to update all the devices with a mark next to them, at least for windows xp.
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