Seasonic 650HT or Antec EA-650

I upgraded a friends computer this morning (I originally built it for her last fall) and have inherited a few parts in payment for my free tech support, including a second sapphire 4870 512mb and an Antec Earthwatts EA-650w PSU. I have an RMA'd Gigabyte 890GX enroute for crossfire, and am currently using a Seasonic 650w.

Current PSU:$S640W$

The Antec I obtained:$S640W$

Should I bother with a PSU swap? Both have only 2x6pin PCI-E (my Seasonic actually has 1x 6pin + 1x6+2pin, though its not listed as such) so either way I would be using one molex converter for each card. In the longterm, I would prefer not to run these cards on a 650w PSU, or sell both and buy a 5850. For now I can't spend any more cash on my computer, wifey's rules, and am looking for some opinions on the issue.
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    Just for a while until you have money and get a new PSU, right?

    I think it's just okay to stay with your current Seasonic...
    Seasonic and Antec are a good brands... :)
  2. Well, if I get a 5850/70 I would stick with a 650w unit, anymore would be overkill, and I have no plans to crossfire 5xxx for many moons (bulldozer + 6xxx perhaps? I dunno)
  3. Best answer selected by JofaMang.nnDecided to stick with the Seasonic and keep the antec as a backup unit, or for a future sale build. Thanks for the input, I am leaning towards the lazy way anyhow, hah.
  4. I said before:
    I think it's just okay to stay with your current Seasonic...

    It's because you don't need to open the case, unplug all the cables, remove your seasonic, put in your antec, plug again all the cables, etc... :D

    Both of your PSU is rated by 650W and both of them are a good brand. (you knew that exactly) :)
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