MBR Error 1, and doesnt boot to anything..

YouTube video was playing and suddenly computer hanged up, then blue screen and restart.
but on restart it said
"mbr error 1 insert floppy disk and press any key"
pressing key changes error from 1 to 2

put in windows 7 disk, started setup and chose repair but after 2 minutes of searching it gave blank box saying no problems with drive.

attached another drive with windows installed and computer worked fine. but when i attached the mbr error drive along and booted from disk 2 it just goes to blank screen after windows logo.

what to do...
it shows in bios that disk is being recognized. :(
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  1. There was a recent report of a virus that can delete the master boot record, if you go into the command line utility via the repair on the windows 7 disk you can access it. If you log into your partition (youll see when it pops up) you can run http://support.microsoft.com/kb/927392

    Refer to the fixmbr and fixboot section, run those both in that order and try the boot. I would recommend running memtest86+ as well to verify your memory isn't faulty.
  2. ok so i tried to boot from healthy disk with faulty disk attached, it took a while to load, then it ran check-disk on faulty disk and corrected all but 1 drive saying its mbr is corrupt and windows can't fix it.

    i deleted all the drives from faulty disk because hdtune showed pending sectors and zero filled it. This eliminated all pending sectors but did not rellocate them.
    then i made a new single drive but now...
    write speed is top notch but read speed has tanked

    it is less than 10 mb/s.(hd tune bench even went as low as 0.8 mb/s)
    while earlier it was ~90 in hd tune
    whats going on.. is it fixable or bye bye drive?
  3. oh thas great.. now it shows pending sectors again ... 9!
  4. Time to run a disk diagnostic utility. Check your hard drive manufacturer's website for such a tool (Eg; Seatools)

    Also, try: "Speedfan". it will read sensor info and run basic disk diagnostics. Your computer could be over heating and you could have RAM problems. check out the memtest86+ @ http://www.memtest.org/
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