So I want a new graphics card, since I got windows 7 pro 64 bit I did a few other upgrades such as an ASRock 790GX DDR2 mobo, got a Rosewill Stallion 500w (2 pci-e version), and an athlon IIx4 overclocked at 3.4GHz. What I wanted to know was, would a 5750 show a vast improvement over the 4670 which would be worth buying the card? I was going to upgrade to a 5670 for just getting the ddr5, dx11 features while getting a few fps higher than the 4670, but would the 5750 not be worth it, or the 5670?
(Try not to go and say, "Forget those low end cards, buy a 5770! Worth two 5670's for a lesser price)
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  1. I'm not saying buy a 5770 because you need to forget these low-end cards, I'm saying it because the HD5770 is $20 or less more than the HD5750.
  2. Yes the 5750 is a worthwhile upgrade over the 4670 (or 5670)
  3. I can get an XFX radeon 5750 for about 130$
    The xfx 5770 for 170$ would be a better deal?
    (Its between powercolor and xfx pricewise right now)
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    Powercolor 5770 (OC'd) from Newegg is $159.99, $144.99 after rebate, so only $15 difference
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  6. Thanks asteldian, the fact that it comes with a product key for DIRT 2 is awesome as well.
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