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Intel says its card DG41WV is pic2.0 but nothing like this is written on Gigabit G41MT-S2

Kindly explain
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware.

    The Intel DG41WV is a newer motherboard, which has PCIe x2.0 x16 and the older Gigabyte G41MT-S2 does not have it. It is only PCIe x16. There will be little to difference in performance between the two.
  2. so my NVidia gts250 will be better on intel than on gigabyte
  3. not necessarily. You would only see a performance increase if your video card required more bandwidth that what PCIe 1.0 could offer. I do not think that is the case as PCIe 1.0 has 2.5 GT/s. PCIe 2.0 is good for flexibility if you want to upgrade but PCIe 2.0 is backwards compatible.
  4. its a xfx nvidia GTS 250 512
    @thor a definate yes or no will really be appriciated
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    It will see no major difference between the two boards.... so your answer would be "No"
  6. what tecmo said lol
  7. Thank you all
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