Power Supply Cable Question

i recently recieved a used power supply
(Thermaltake 450W W0146RU)

but it did not come with all the cables i need
im looking to add an optical drive (or two) and i need the cable that would run from the PSU to the back of it

i believe what i need is a P6 or P4 cable which would plug into the PSU with a 4pin molex on the other end which would plug into the back of the optical drive?
but i couldnt really find anything like that on newegg so i figured i was looking for the wrong thing

so can anyone tell me what cable(s) i need and where to find them...
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  1. I believe you want a Stylish Y-cable or two from here :)
    is that what you were after?
  2. +1^
  3. umm i need a cable that plugs physically into the PSU
    i dunno how those 4pins would plug into the PSU because all it has is that 6 pin input slot
  4. oh,you dont have any molex line to feed that adaptor off? sorry man, I didnt realise that :)
    possibly contact Thermal's helpline and explain the situation,
    quick Goosh isnt turning anything up I'm afaid :)
    Sorry mate,
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  6. nice one Dell :) ty man
    I couldnt find anything hehe
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