New motherboard?

I've just gathered some money for a small upgrade. Its regarding my motherboard.I Previously had an ASUS p5KPL-AM/PS. I know its a bad board when it comes to overclocking. i could only reach 3.8 ghz on my e7500 because it had no memory:FSB ratio divider.No matter what i tried i couldnt take it past 3.8ghz.Temps were all under control. Now i'm looking for another board so that i can take the e7500 to its heights! i've heard of a couple of P45's as well as G41's. Which one should i go for? Could you guys help me out?

Can you please post some links? I live in India so it's a little tough to get the high end boards!
I cant afford to upgrade at the moment.

my specs-
Intel E7500 (now at 3.8ghz)
Corsair XMSII 800
Corsair 500W
COrsair H50.

Thank You.
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  2. I guess 3.8 GHz is a very solid number.. What makes you think that you need to push it more..?? If you need more gaming performance then upgrade your video card..
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