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Fellow Computer Enthusiasts,

I have a 2006 Mediacenter PC that I am thinking about upgrading the graphics card (Geforce 7300LE 64MB :o ) However, it only has a 300W powersupply. I believe it has one PCI-express 1.0 16x slot.

It has a core duo 2 2.16, 2GB ram 4200.

I want to use this computer for a DVR / somewhat gaming computer (CS Source, TF2, Portal 2).

Therefore is it worth the $100-150 bucks to upgrade it or do you think I should just build another...

If I should upgrade what would be my best / cheap graphics card to replace it with / PSU.

Thanks for the time and comments,
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  1. I think it could greatly benefit from a graphics upgrade, and with your choice of games, could probably be a viable gaming rig for a while yet.

    HP uses decent PSUs, so your 300w should be able to most graphics cards that require 350-400w.

    In that range, at your budget (100-150) A 5750/5670/GT240 are all solid choices. A 5770 would probably push the limits of the PSU, if the 5750 isn't already. A 5670 or GT240 would both be fine, though I would push the 5670 before the GT240, for its higher performance, even though the GT 240 costs less. Regardless of price, they are both well within your budget.

    ATI 5750 $130 ($110 after rebate)

    ATI 5670 $90

    GT240 $70 ($50 after MIR)

    Might the money be better spent saving towards a new system in the future? Perhaps, depending on how long you want to wait. On the flipside, an investment in a video card is not lost, as it can carry over to the next system.
  2. what is the make and model of your PC?
  3. HP m7674
  4. the 5670 like the one linked will be a good fit
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