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I just built my computer and I cannot seem to get my cpu to run to its full potential. I am using a Gigabyte P55-UD3 with a i7 870. I am not overclocking just using the stock settings, and it is not running very fast. I used several bench programs (cpuid, and SiSoft) and my results were lower than what the 870 should be at. When i first started everything I had windows 7 32-bit and I received an experience index of 7.5. I then reformatted the hard drive with 64-bit and that is when the processor began not working as well (went from 7.5 to a 5.6). Does anyone know what could be the cause of the cpu not working well anymore and how to fix it?

I am going to check if the heat sink is on properly, and if that is not the problem reinstall the OS.

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  1. Did you check how hot it is? Whats the temp? How far below the score is it?
  2. The temp of the processor is around 40c. So it is not getting very hot. Using cpuid i used the i870 scores they provide to compare to mine and mine was about a third of the score they had listed for the 870.
  3. What are your full system specs ? with what programs did you test and how much was your score ?
  4. A.) is it running at specified speed? B.) have you tried doing some Prime95 to see if it has some sort of faults? C.) is the 40c idle or load?
  5. Everything that I have seen shows it running at 2.93 to 3.1, but when I have used bench programs it is just not performing all that well. Maybe the results are not very accurate. I will try the prime95 next. The processor is running 40c while at idle.

    My system is
    Motherboard- p55-ud3 gigabyte
    CPU- Intel i-870
    Ram- 4 gb 1333
    GPU- Gigabyte 5830
    Case Cool Master 100 USP
    550w power supply

    Everything else is running exactly like it should, the only thing that is not running well so far is the cpu.
  6. Well could you post them at load once you do prime95 maybe its a bad seed.
  7. I reinstalled windows and now it is working fine. I ran CPUID and it is getting good results. It had 87175 marks. I dont know what was the problem but it is fine now. THanks everyone.
  8. Maybe something happened when you switched from 32bit to 64bit,because you mentioned your PC was quite slower, so a fresh install of windows was needed.
    Glad its working fine now.
  9. uhmm first of all...that 5.6 rating is on your hard drive rating......thats still least your CPU is working properly in stock clock...and your mobo is not that bad...ASUS p55 is a good mobo too....kinda expensive(^_^)....

    2nd thing is if your not a PC gamer your CPU will not use its full potential in just photo editing and video editing....if your gamer it ill use all its potential or maybe more.....
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