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Dear Forum,

I'm building a new PC and i've got everything down, what i'm struggling to find is a PSU that can deliver enough power to all my components. So i'm not sure how to take into account the 12V 5V and 3V rails

MB – ASUS P6X58D Premium
RAM – 6G Kit DDR3 1600 Patriot Skill
HDD – Seagate 1TB
CPU – i7 930 X58
GPU – 1280MB GTX470 Inno3D
SATA Blu-Ray Combo Samsung

Haven't got a case yet

I calculated that the system should use 430 watts under 90% load, but I do want some headway when it comes to the power consumption

Those are the components I was trying to put together

Any help would be appreciated! :)
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  1. I'd use one of these if you were certain that you won't SLI:
    Corsair 650TX (52 amp 12 volt rail)
  2. I was looking at the CM GX 750 aswell

    Definately not going into SLI

    Looked at the prices between the two

    CM GX 750 = 129

    Corsair 650TX = 114

    Might end up going with the CM?
  3. Thank you for the links btw!
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