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I'm confused between a 17" monitor and 22" monitor.
A 17" monitor has a small screen and thus supports small resolutions like 1024x768.As I need the monitor Only for Gaming and at lower resolutions Games are much smoother(good inc. in FPS).
But everywhere I find gaming monitors to be 22" and so called "Full HD".Does that big resolution of 1920x1080 enhances the visual quality??
or in simple word for games like Crysis,GTA IV,etc

A small monitor with small resolution = a big monitor with bog resolution?

as if they are similar then why waste money on a 22" monitor and lower my Frames per Second rather i can get the same quality just on a small screen and play games with increased FPS.
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  1. Why? Because you can see more.
    They may have the same pixels per inch, but if you can have a screen twice the size with twice the pixels why not?
  2. I'm on a budget.
    And basically i want more FPS rather than viewing size.
    Please Explain in detail what's best for me.
  3. and as i wrote 1920x1080 slows down the games rather than playing at 1024x768
    Playing a game with 1024x768 on a 22" monitor sucks but at 17" it does not.
    Is there something else that's good in 22" monitor
  4. Moreover I don't have space for such large monitor(but that can be figured out)
  5. Well, if you're not willing to even consider a large monitor or you can't use it anyway, why are you asking?
    Games look better on bigger, higher resolution monitors. If games are running slow, upgrade your graphics card. It's cheaper than a new monitor, usually.
    Please explain your question more thoroughly.
  6. OK Here's the Whole story

    My Rig(basic hardware)
    Phenom II 965 BE
    ASUS Crosshair III Formula
    4GB Corsair Domintor
    Cooler Master HAF 922 and GX750

    1.I have a small room
    2.The table in my room is not that big but still I use the left portion for keeping my crappy CRT,Razer Key.,Mice,etc and the right side for studying!! :D.
    3.I'll Either Buy 2 5830s for crossfire or 1 5870.
    now that will be according to the screen i'll buy.
    crossfire boosts up performance at large resolutions but as I want to save some money and space on my desk,i was thinking of a small monitor like 17" 4:3
    which will not *** the pixels at 1280x1024 kind of resolution and 1 5850 which is a single GPU.(as 1280xsomething on 22" monitor is like hell)

    so the main thing is that will a small monitor have any cons other than less screen size??
    If there will be not much difference rather than size(which doesn't bother me)
    I'll go with 5870 and 17"
    but if there's a problem....which i don't know about please let me know

    and suggest what will be good for current circumstances
  7. Please reply!!!
  8. I know CRT's are good for gaming but i don't have space and also this one can't go above 1024x768
  9. A 5870 will give you a good gaming experience at 1920x1080. That strong of a GPU is a waste for a low resolution monitor. If you want to use a low resolution monitor you might as well get something like a 5770.
  10. You have ignored the advice this forum gives you...If you think 1024x768 is so great, go buy it. We think its not a good idea...especially with a card like a 5850 or 5870. its a totla waste of that card.

    You an buy a 22"1650x1024 and still have fps greater than that monitor can show.

    Your eyes cannot see above 60fps
    Most lcds cannot display above 60 fps

    Everything above that is thrown away.

    1024 resolution is pitiful and poor - If you buy the 5870 buy 3 1980x1080 monitors and you will still have terrific performance.

    Did you read even one article before posting??
  11. Lol ok don't charge on me
    I'll go for a big screen
    any recomendations??(LCD)
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