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  1. Does anyone have info about the effectiveness of an external antena called halostation.The connection goes to usb and more details available @ www.xconcepts-me.com.
  2. I have just done extensive testing on two(2) of these Halo Stations using Backtrack 4 and XP

    First the factory is not attaching the positive small wire to the top antenna plate hence there probably is no quality control at their factory. This is pretty simple so who knows what else they are messing up.

    1. Before buying the product slide off the cover. You will find an sma cable running from the top of the wifi receiver. to two flat metal sheets. The bottom silver sheet has the negative wire. Look from the side into the space between the plates, you should see a wire run from the bottom silver plate to the top copper plate. If there is no wire close it up give it back to the supplier. You will recieve a signal but it will be very weak.

    2. I took the antenna apart and fixed the problem with wire and a soldering gun however the antenna does not compete with the reception of the AWUSO36H small reciever and long antenna.

    I would avoid this product. You can easily just put the small AWUSO36H reciever in a plastic bag with some USB extensions. This works fine. Further there are quality control problems. I also had alot of trouble using their installation disk with Windows XP and just reverted to the ASWUS036H installation downloaded from the net which worked fine.

    When using Backtrack 4 there are of course no install just plus and play but again regardless of the operating system this reciever fall short.

  3. sorry that I read your article so late.....now that I bought this unit...can you give me some picture of what should I be looking that wire your talking about, I dont want to make a mistake ....

    thanks...my email is rbeldua@yahoo.com...hoping for your reply soon
  4. If the station has more then limited reception then the wire is attached. However reception is rather subjective unless you test it with a different working reciever. If you are not getting reception take the unit back. Ths is not a case of a broken wire - the wire simply is not there. However we will try explaining it again.
    Notice that there are two buttons on the outside case one on each side. Push them in and slide up the white cover. Once you have the white cover off you will see two flat plates. Looking from the side shine the flashlight into the space between the plates and you should see a thin wire coming from the center of the bottom plate and going to the center of the top plate. If the wire is not there return the item OR simply pop off the top plate and solder a piece of wire. This is pretty basic - the top antenna plate must be connected to the wire coming up from the center of the bottom plate.

    I have spent even more time testing this device against the Alpha AWUSO36H with long antenna. The halostation can compete with the long antenna version ?IF? you aim the halostation antenna at the target wireless AP. In some cases an aimed halostation antenna can out perform the long antenna that comes with the Alpha. However you cannot simply put the halostation antenna outside and expect it to see the number of stations that are actually present. You will have to point the halostation around for a while untill you get an idea oif what is out there. This takes time.
  5. I got it now, luckily what I bought has a wire soldered to the plates, I also done a little experiment of my own....the halostation against Alfa AWUS036H....its seems halostation has a little advantage over the Alfa, as you pointed out that aiming the halostation to the target AP has improved the signal...and I noticed that halostation is a little bit faster connection than the Alfa...but both units has the RTL8187L chipsets...
  6. The Halo station is a bit bulky so if you are travelling you might want to get the smaller Alfa AWUSO36H. It gives you a better area scan. You might note that if you are using it with Backtrack 4(BT4) this reciever seems to have an issue with ettercap. Other then that everything works fine. When penetrating wifi hotspots with macspoofing routiones I try the scans.

    nmap -n -sP wlan0


    nmap -n -sT wlan0

    If that doesn't work I use the moniter mode and just listen out
  7. yeah right about, I was planning I would just put it on top of my roof,I have the smaller Alfa though, I did not try ettercap with halostation, but airmon-ng, aireplay-ng, aircrack-ng seems to be doing pretty well. ;)
  8. dang...If I could return this sh*t I would.....
  9. Anonymous said:


    If you are searching for halo station wifi driver then follow this link to download it : http://mixmax.website/halostation-driver-windows-xp-windows-7-88-1win10
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