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Hey there, this is probably a simple problem, and has most likely been answered before but either way, I need a little help!

I just bought myself a nice shiny new computer, and only after i realised that my old tower had a 500GB hard drive in it going to waste. My problem is though, that this 500GB drive has windows 7 installed, as does the drive in the new computer - if i was to plug it in, would all hell break loose inside my tower, or would it boot from the wrong disk etc etc. ?

Secondly (or primarily, depending on what is required) how do i completely wipe this drive so i can use it purely for media storage, for example?

I'm hoping its just a case of plugging it in and possibly pressing a few keys, but obviously not being an expert, i wanted to get some advice so i dont blow my PC skyhigh, especially since i paid (what i see as) a lot of money for it!

Thanks ever somuch for helping :)
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  1. You should be able to just plug it in and be fine. However, you will know if it booted off the wrong one when it starts trying to install stuff or BSOD. If that is the case you should just wait for it to boot and then plug the drive in (assuming it is serial ATA).

    As far as preparing it for just data, simply format it when it shows up in Computer.
  2. First of all, A 500GB HDD is probably old enough to be of questionable reliability, at least by me. If it were mine I would plug it into my new box and make sure the boot priority is set for the new HDD. Your BIOS may ask you which HDD you want boot from. When you reach your desktop you can format the HDD from "manage computer" pop up menu. You can also migrate any data you want to save before formatting. Personally, I would retire it after migrating data.
  3. Put the hard drive in, start your PC, boot into windows. It may ask you to select which OS to boot to, select your current drive, use the boot menu to and select your HDD too if needed.

    You should use a program to check the sectors of said hard drive before using it to store files.

    Now do either of the following options:

    Option One:

    Go to My Computer, right click on the 500gb hard drive and select format and do a quick format.

    Option two:

    Control Panel\System and Security\Administrative Tools

    Click on "Computer Management." A new window will show up, select "Disk Management."

    Find your drive, right click on it and format; you can also change drive letter here too and other things like partitioning.
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