New gaming headset ~50-70$ price range. Would appretiate a quick answe

Hi everyone. Since my microphone of my old Fatal1ty Gamer Headset is not working at all anymore (wire got hard and broke like a plastic thing, so wires of course messed up), i must buy a new headphones. I am not very rich, so i could pay maximum of 50-70 dollars for headphones. Although i want quality. I don't want some 2.1 cheap headphones. Best would be 5.1 or 7.1 ones, which would match to my Extreme gamer sound card, which supports 7.1 headphones.

So anyway, i have no idea. I've searched the internet, some headphones looks like, but prices are 100, 150 dollars, etc...

Anyway, i would appretiate a pretty quick answer, since i have to use microphone for some particular reason. Here's my criterias:

At least 5.1 support, would be better if 7.1,
Good sound quality (no plastic, or low bass/high bass, low/high treble, etc, just good sound quality),
Not open design (i mean i'm loving with other people around, i'm shooting people, i'm driving a car, i don't want others to be annoyed like from speakers),
Have a microphone,
Have some controller in the middle of the wire or a box, idk about nowadays controllers, i've read about many strange things though, preferable with mic on/off button and sound control,
Corfontable for long-gaming/speaking/music listening days.

Most important aspects though are comfort and sound quality. I don't care about the looks, i'm not looking at the mirror, when i'm sitting near computer.

Thanks everyone for suggestions, would be nice if you would argument your decision and even better, if you would give some examples and comparistions with other headsets.
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  1. Not found at two shops i could buy online from to my country, neither thoes local shops... :/

    P.S. i'm not from us, neither from uk or ca. Just from a small country, where some of equiment is not available to buy.

    Thanks for suggestion anyway, ummm, any other thoughts anyone?
  2. Perhaps if you narrowed it down to your exact country, and gave us websites you are willing to shop from it would save people time from randomly stabbing at whats available in the US that may not meet your needs or availability. Just an idea.
  3. I could give you half of the shops, but it would be no use. That is because other half is in my language. That's why i didn't gave them in the first place, i thought about that too.
  4. Then it sounds to me like you are the most qualified to find the headset to fit your needs. Right?
  5. Well, i looked over the internet a few times and actualy didn't found anything, that would fit me from reviews.

    I didn't looked at the shops, as no information given there most of the time. That's why i created this thread.
  6. But I'm sure you can see where the frustration lies.

    You ask if someone can find a headset with strict requirements at a low price point. Then when it's provided you state that it isn't available where you are.

    So it's quite obvious that because of limited availability of where you are, coupled with the fact that you won't share with the community locations you can purchase from, that you are in fact the expert on this topic.

    Any work that we do as a community feels fruitless because when we "think" we've found something to fit your criteria you simply say it's unavailable and expect people to continue searching for your needs. Without allowing them the necessary information or resources to narrow the search to your part of the world.

    So I say to you, do it yourself.
  7. Okay, i can give you a few links, as i said, but you won't understand anything. Here you go:
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