ATI 4890 vs NVidia GTX 260

Ok, I'm looking to replace the video card in my HP Pavillion Elite m9340f desktop. Here's a link to the specs It's a great desktop and suits my needs for the most part except it's got a weak video card with the 9500 gs. I'm not a hardcore gamer by any means, but I do play a variety of games (mainly sims, command and conquer, occasionally an rpg like oblivion). The other things is that I want a video card that supports component output so it can connect to my slingbox hd. I know that both the 4890 and the gtx 260 have component out through an adapter. Which card should I go with or is there another one I should consider? I think that the power supply in the desktop is 400 Watts and I know I will probably have to go with a bigger one for either card, but beyond that i'm not really wanting to replace the motherboard or anything if I can get away with it. Any help would be appreciated.
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  1. You can get an adapter for any card, but some come with it built-in.
    The 4890 or 260 will be overkill if all you play is sims, c&c and oblivion. Something like a 4850 or gts 250 would be more than good enough for those games.
    If you don't want to use an adapter, there are a lot of cards that come with component built in, including many models of the 9800gt, some gts 250s, 4850s, 4670s. Just look around
  2. But then again, you're not really gonna be playing those games for years are you? If so + 1 on the 4850, definitely get it, otherwise get the gtx 260
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