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Best Sandy Bridge motherboard with SLI?

Working on building a gaming rig, and planning on dual GTX-570s, and the i5-2500 (not into overclocking, otherwise I'd go for the k). I was thinking about going for the ASRock P67 Extreme4, however I'm not sure what all's out there for motherboards, and if there's one that'd suit me better.
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    Well if your not overclocking then the best sli motherboard wouldn't be on the list. As long as you get a p67 motherboard that supports SLI you should be fine. Go with Asus or MSI, the new bios is really easy to use. Also the K series is only like $20 more.

    MSI P67A GD65

    Asus P67 Pro

    AsRock P67 Extreme4

    Also the GTX 570 might drop in price since the GTX 590 duel gpu just came out.
  2. How about, for arguments=sake, I did decide I wanted to overclock (never actually done it before, but I'd consider giving it a try), what'd you recommend in that case?
  3. those same motherboards they are all good.
  4. SageRamirez said:
    How about, for arguments=sake, I did decide I wanted to overclock (never actually done it before, but I'd consider giving it a try), what'd you recommend in that case?

    It was my 1st time overclocking last week on my new i5 sandybridge...It was really easy...Or if you want you can get the MSI motherboard and use OC Genie..It'll overclock your cpu to 4.2ghz with 1 press of a button...They have videos on youtube or oc guides on tomshardware how to overclock...
  5. Depends on your resolution. A GTX 590 ~ GTX 570 SLI.

    If I was looking at a GTX 570 or GTX 590, note the GTX 590 is limited to 2-WAY, and wanted to go the P67 route then I'd have a comparable MOBO and either the i5-2500K or i7-2600K. Either CPU games about the same, and OC is beyond duh simple to set-up; CPU Multiplier and IF needed CPU Voltage -- poof done. Also, I would probably wait until the X68; the P67 like the P55 shares the old crippled/limited lanes and in 2-WAY it's x8/x8 vs x68 with double the overall lanes is x8/x8.

    On a Single HD Monitor it makes no difference in x8/x8 - just like GTX 570/580/590 in SLI today makes no difference in 'usable' frame rates for most any game on a single HD monitor.

    ASUS Maximus IV Extreme
    EVGA P67 SLI
    EVGA P67 Classified

    Building Chart {note resolutions}:

    The X68 has been pushed back to Q4 2011 because of the P67/H67 recall.
  6. Was checking some reviews and benchmarks and such, and I think I'm grabbing the MSI P67A GD65. Doesn't look like there's much difference between any of them, but the OC Genie 2 button looks like it'd give me a good base for learning how to OC, which is something eventually I'll end up learning.
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  8. Hello, I've been searching for days to try to find the answer to my question, so I decided to try my luck here.

    I have an MSI P67A-GD65 (B3) board already from a rig I assembled a year ago. I'm interesting in upgrading my graphics cards (CF 2x 6950s) to EVGA GTX 670 SC 4gb cards, but I'm concerned about it fitting into that second slot on this board. I had to carry out a minor "surgery" on the casing of a 6950 card to fit it into the lower PCIe slot because the edge of the casing of the card was pressed against a connection plugged into the front panel on the far right edge of the board. The GTX 670 is slightly shorter than my 6950, but it's also more blocky in shape. Thus, this comes down to a fraction of an inch. I'm really puzzled as to whether both cards can fit.

    I really do not want to start cutting chunks of a brand new $500 card. Has anyone tried to plug a GTX 670 into that second PCIe slot? Or, even better, does anyone have a 2x SLI setup with this card and mobo? I've been searching around the interwebz for confirmation that two of these cards can fit into this board for a few days without much luck. Thanks in advance if anyone here has the answer. It's only the lower slot that I'm concerned about. My 6950 fit in fine in the top slot, and it's slightly longer than the GTX 670.
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