Intel Pentium 4 3Ghz fit into an RC410-M2 Mobo?

Hey Guys, I'm trying to help my brother upgrade his CPU and I'm having a little bit of trouble. The motherboard we're trying to fit the CPU in is a RC410-M2. It takes a pentium 4 Processor, so I thought we could upgrade the CPU to an:
Intel Pentium 4 3GHz 800MHz 1MB Socket 478 CPU

Seen Here

Which is what I ordered him from Amazon. However, It seems like it's not fitting quite properly, Did I miss something?

The problem is the motherboard socket has pins and so does the CPU.. Is that a problem? I thought that as long as the socket was the same the CPU should fit. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello easy772;

    The CPU you ordered is a socket 478 (478 pins) and your motherboard is socket 775 (775 pins).
    They're not compatible.
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  3. Okay thanks
  4. ECS RC410M2-F ... OK maybe we're talking about 2 different motherboards.
  5. I think this is your motherboard and its a socket 775 model.

    These are the CPUs that should work in that board: CPU-Upgrade
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