Which processor for this restoration?

I'm working on my first complete system rebuild and I've run into a problem. Feel free to use the word n00b.

The unit was running an old Celeron D processor so I looked up the chipset on Intel's website (see link below). I ordered a Pentium 4 processor @ 2.40A GHz, 533 MHz, and 1 MB cache. They sent me the wrong processor (it's a Pentium 4 also) and are willing to reverse the order for the correct processor, but my issue is that the chip they sent me doesn't have the pins to fit into the motherboard. Why is this and will the processor I bought be like this also?

I received a model SL7YU but ordered the SL7YP.
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    No. They sent you a socket 775, and you need a 478. I would have replaced the board for the newer cpu if possible. Might as well learn to change out a board for a proper rebuild. Pricewatch lists some 775 boards that use ddr, if interested. But if you've already sent back the wrong cpu, then the new one should work fine. 478 has the pins on the cpu; 775 has the pins on the motherboard. Your link will help you to decide. Starmicro carries some older cpus fairly cheap. Just be sure you're in the 478 section. Your board only uses one 533 cpu; the rest are 400 fsb.
  2. Okay, I checked back over my order and I did order a socket 478 so I should be set. And I just came upon this computer and its a few years old. I just planned on adding a gig of RAM and new processor (maybe I shouldn't have said "complete rebuild"). No sense putting more into it than I can get out, I just want to sell it for textbook money. :??:
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