Gaming headset for <120$(Less?)...

Since i got almost no answers at other forums, or low end and construction headsets, on this particular forum headset, which is not available at my country's shops, i decided, that i should spend a little more (although, that would be almost all my money i have, and i am 18, so i have no income) on a thing, that i wear almost all day, sometimes even all day. So here is my list and reviews results. I bet i have missed quite a few great headsets and cons/pros of these. I don't care about the looks though and about the comfort taking them somewhere. So ehre is the list of the headsets:

Roccat Kave (couldn't find any cons on reviews. Though couldn't find proper reviews, which usualy gives cons to items).

Tritton AX51 (Some said, that it presses your head too much or too least and also bass and treble also read surround effects are a little lacky + couldn't find at my shop list).

Razer Carcharias (Crappy sound quality, lousy microphone in loud enviroments, too least bass, not very corfomtable according to some reviews).

Audio Technica ATH-AD700 (Sounds little too smooth and bass quality isn't so good. And it is heard by other family members, because it is open or something like htat).

SteelSeries Siberia v2 (No cons founded too, same as Roccat Kave, but i'm not sure if i could somehow make it work with this one).

SteelSeries SteelSound 5h v2 (Not so good sound quality, might be uncorfomtable after long time).

Turtle Beach Ear Force HPA-2 (Couldn't find d many reviews at all)

Well, i bet i missed some great headsets or didn't found some cons and pros of those i did find. So please say your opinion.

And By the Way, i liked Siberia the most, second was Kave. As for looks and cons/pros thing. But i didn't care much about the looks though, so... Anyway, tell me what you think and suggest. Thank you.
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  1. I personally like the siberia v2 best out of your list. This is also fairly good
  2. Thanks for replies. I will wait today and a part of tommorow probably and go buy some headset. So i'm still up for suggestions, expieriences and advices. :)
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