Installing old hdd in new build

iso i am builting my friend a computer from some of the old parts of his current on the most important question i have is can i just drop the hdd in with the new components and will i be able to boot with out any driver issues also this is not a "legimate" copy of win vista. if i cant how would one go about formating so we can do a clean install of windows 7 and what the easiest way. btw we cant aford a nother hdd so i cant just clone it. his soon to be build
500 ozx modxtream
phenom ii x2 555 be
4 gbs g.skill ripjaws
radeon hd 4650
oem hp case
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  1. If this is a different motherboard or CPU, the answer is no. Microsoft considers it a new computer if you upgrade these parts.

    Rather than stealing a $200 program, you might want to give some of the free alternatives a try.
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