Low GTX 480 3dmark0-6 score

Hey guys,

Just picked up a gtx 480 and benched in 3dmark06 and received a score of 15240.
I'm certain thats quite low for this card and I Need help identifying where my problem is.

CPU: QX6850 (stock 3ghz)
Mobo: EVGA 780i sli
Ram: 8gb DDR2 667mhz
PSU: 700 watt rocketfish (best buy brand)
OS: Windows 7 64 bit ultimate

I'm using a zotac gtx 480 at stock settings.

I'm curious if it is my qx6850 bottlenecking the card, or if my PSU (which i bought from best buy, which has me worried) is inadequate.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. OK I can be some help I own a XFX 780i which is the same as yours. First tighten your ram timings which well help (1:1 synch) and start overclocking. You wont need to bump the voltages on the NP (they should be auto) and start small. Make sure your cpu has better than stock cooling. By they way have you fan modded your board yet? If not it is more than worth the extra noise.
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