Problems with hitachi external hard drive, please help!!

my hitachi hard drive has been around for quite some time now. i just started using it last month. it worked perfectly until one day it just would not load everything i put on it. It will show up on my desktop-that my computer has recognized it, but then when i go to open it, it just sits and loads forever and never shows that anything is on it. My computer is also telling me that it is "Indexing time machine back ups" i dont know what that means. please help!! i put my whole life on this thing, and becasue i didnt know better, i didnt back it up :(
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  1. First lets try having windows take a look at the drive. open my computer and find out which drive letter it has been assigned (Eg: E: )

    Now lets go to the start menu and find the Run box (or Search in modern version of Windows) In the box
    chkdsk E: /r
    (if E: is not the drive letter, replace it with the correct letter: )

    press enter

    (if it asks any questions; press "Y" for yes.)

    If that doesn't work, Pandora Recovery and Odin are good free apps for recovering data in windows.
  2. I noticed in your message that the machine is telling you it is "indexing time machine backups". Are you using a Mac? If yes and you haven't backed up in a while it will take some time for the indexing to complete. If not, was the drive ever used on a Mac?
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