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LCD TVs and LCD Monitors, need advice.

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May 20, 2010 12:57:51 AM

Hey everyone.

To keep it short, I'm in search of a decent sized (30"+) LCD for use as a PC Monitor with 120Hz support, and a 1920x1080 recommended resolution.

My current monitor is an Acer H233H.

My video card is a Radeon HD 5870.

Now, the meat of the post...

Many of these monitor manufacturers don't seem to release anything above 27" in size, when considering 1920x1080 as a resolution. Just using Newegg for the sake of simplicity, there is only one LCD monitor that fits this criteria -- a 47" HP that goes for a disgusting amount of cash, and then it only has a 60Hz refresh rate. I don't get it. Why not release larger monitors with high(er) refresh rates? I can't be the only one who wants one, right?

So, I've started looking at LCD TV's. There are many out there that fit the bill, with comparatively cheap price tags. The one I'm eyeballing now is this 32" Sharp Aquos. It seems like a solid choice, but I've read conflicting reports on whether or not certain LCD TV's can actually accept PC inputs with 120Hz refresh rates. Some of these LCD TV's "fake" the actual 120Hz refresh rate by displaying an actual image/frame twice, and that's what I'm wondering about.

I'm looking to see if anyone has gone down this road, before I potentially blow several hundreds of dollars on something that may not work as intended. I'm looking to use the Radeon's HDMI out, or potentially DVI/DisplayPort should such a LCD candidate arise.

Here's to playing those PC games at an actual 120FPS for a change. Cheers. :ouch: 

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May 20, 2010 1:26:04 AM

You'll be fine if you get an HDTV. That's what I did. The large monitors are way overpriced and do the same thing! As long as it has VGA, DVI or HDMI inputs, you'll be fine. It definitely wouldn't hurt to get a TV with displayport input as well. That will future proof you for a while.
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May 20, 2010 11:45:17 AM

Actually, I've been looking at LCD (And LED) TV's good enough to use as moniters; LG has several 32" 120Hz LCD TV's, and Sharp (Aquos) has a 32" 120Hz LED TV going for about $700...As for the real value of 120Hz (real vs doubled), I'm not 100% sure myself either...