Just finished build...can't see both disk drives in BIOS???

Hey, forum. I finally finished building my PC and it got through POST and everything.

I'm using a Corsair Force 3 60GB SSD for the OS and important programs and a Western Digital 500GB Caviar Black for storage. They are both new and are plugged into the SATA 3 (6.0Gbps) ports on the motherboard.

I left the WD 500GB HDD unplugged to install Windows 7 and all the motherboard drivers. I plugged it back in after restarting the computer and for some reason the BIOS doesn't recognize it as a boot drive. However, if I manually choose which drive to boot from, it is there and I can boot from the WD HDD.

At first, before I saw that I was able to manually boot the HDD, I tried switching around the SATA connectors. After some troubleshooting, I saw that the BIOS could recognize both at one point, but they were never identified in the boot disk priority configuration at the same time.

The WD HDD also does not appear in Computer from the Start menu. And again, I find that I can see it under disk drives in Disk Management...

What is going on here? How can I get my system to recognize the devices at the same time? Someone help, please...

P.S. The BIOS says it's running on AHCI, if you guys needed to know.

Please help me figure out what's wrong.


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    Some boards are set up so you have to select which hdd to boot from in BIOS since boot menu only gives a one HDD option.
    If it is not seen in disk management but in BIOS Here is a guide
    Not seen in BIOS, connections, disabled controller or bad drive.
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  3. Wow, I'm just really stupid lol I figured out the problem. I just needed to format it in Disk Manager. I can't even begin to describe how stupid I feel right now -_-

    Sorry for wasting anybody's time and thank you for the attempts to help
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