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This is my first build and all I have is a case and a monitor (1920 x 1080, 23").

I'm having trouble finding the right GFX card to put into it. This rig is for gaming, internet browsing, and thats about it, so I'm trying to find the best "bang for the buck" ATI graphics card.

I don't want to spend more than 220$ on it (including taxes and shipping) so I've been leaning toward a 5770, any suggestions?

I use for my parts (or anything else that is willing to ship to canada, has good quality, and is cheap).

this card will most likely be going with a quad core amd athalon 2.9GHz CPU, 4 GB RAM (not sure DDR2 or DDR3), and a 500GB hard drive

Just for a reference point, anyone know how well the 5770 (or any other card suggested) would play Flight Sim X? Thanks for the help. :D
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  1. Yes, your best bet under $220 is the 5770 with a crossfire capable motherboard and power supply.
  2. Is the 5830 worth any thought? (If i were to find one under 220$)
  3. if you where to find a 5830 cheap, it would be worth it. The 5770 is a much better value for the dollar.
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    ^+1 5830 is priced a little high. Throw saved cash into mobo (or maybe a Phenom II). 5770 is pretty decent these days, and once in crossfire is an awesome value/performer.
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