P67 sabertooth red light

I am building a new system. Here's my parts:
i7 2600k
ASUS p67 Sabertooth
Corsair H50

I am getting the cpu red light on boot. And no system beeps.

I have disconnected all other components. Reseated the cpu. checked power connection.

Any ideas or DOA?
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  1. does the board have the error code readings? if so, what numbers show up? compare it to the manual to determine the issue...it could be doa..but, i would ensure that everything is plugged in correctly..ram is seated correctly.
  2. It does not have error code readings but it does have specific LED error indicators for each component. The CPU LED is red constant. I have removed video card, ram, sata connections.
  3. have you tried re-seating the cpu? try ejecting the cpu and putting it back into the socket very carefully..dont press on it once its in..juss make sure its in comfortably..and im assuming that board has an 8 pin connector..did u plug in the 8 pin connector to the motherboard?...usually the computer wont start unless you have it plugged in
  4. It was the 8 pin connector. (actually 4 pin) I totally missed it. the push/pull fan setup on the H50 kind of blocked the connector and I just couldn't see it well. Thanks for the help. Now to figure out this 2x SSd raid for windows 7.
  5. lol..yeah..had a feeling it was the 8 pin..as for the raid..check your manual on how to set it up...should be easy as going into the bios and going to the boot section I think..somewhere there..and it will allow you to set up the raid...but 2 ssds for raid on widnows wont yield any significant results in the realm of performance..in fact, the ssd's will probably wear out faster over time due to the lack of trim support, among others
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