My computer is a Slim version and I need a new ATI graphics card

I have an Inspiron 537s and I want a new ATI card, but are there any (other than ATI Radeon HD 4350, because I ordered that with my computer) that are in the Slim size?
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  1. are you looking to play games or just watch DVDs/stream video/office work?
  2. If you need more power than the HD4350 the something like the HD5550 or 5570 would be the better of the 'new cards' that would fit the bill;
  3. TheGreatGrapeApe said:

    Is this a slim card? Because this is the size of my computer tower:
    The back side:
    Front Side:
  4. Yes, that is a low-profile ready card (will fit your slimline). What you need to do with that card is remove the pre-installed (full-size) metal bracket and replace it with the two included low-profile brackets (see them in the fourth image). Very easy to do, btw.

    -Wolf sends
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