Should I update my Mobo BIOS?

I did a fresh reinstall and first time install I should say of Win7-64 with my 3 year old PC. Amazingly to my surprise I didn't have to install any drivers (except I did update my Nvidia ones, since I did get this pop-up)

Now I thought I'd do the BIOS as well for my P5B, but it didn't work - tried with ASUS update program.
I did it online first and when that didn't work I downloaded the file and tried through the ROM off my desktop - that didn't work either.

Things are running fine (it seems), so should I be concerned about the BIOS/drivers, etc on my Mobo, or not?

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  1. No. The new bios may have some side effects that you don't expect, especially when overclocking. I would leave it alone.
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