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Have HP380t computer with Windows 7. Trying to use Boston Acoustics speakers and subwoofer from old system which worked fine. Now I get no sound. The internal speaker from cpu works using headphones. Does anyone know how to change settings/drivers to make speakers work. Thanks,
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  1. Hardware & Sound control panel to change default output device.
  2. Did all that. Nothing worked. Worked with HP tech for an hour. They finally gave up and said computer wasn't compatible with speakers.
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    This is hilarious.. What has the PC to do with compatibility with the speakers.! The only interaction is with the sound card.. If there is no sound then either the speakers are faulty or the sound card has gone wrong.. Make sure all your connections are proper first.. Check if your OS recognizes all channels the way they are placed.. You may also try with a dedicated sound card..
  4. What model are your speakers? If they are what they think I are...
  5. Old speakers are Boston Digital BA735. We were told it would support speakers. Not sure what sound card it has as it isn't listed seperately.
  6. Is there a red light coming out of your onboard's toslink port?
  7. if there isnt i think you would need to enable, digital output as default device on your sound control panel.

    or did you do that?
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  9. Just bought new Altec Lancing speakers and all is good. Thanks,
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