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I need a new cpu for my HD5850. I need to buy a CPU+Motherboard and my budget is around 300-350$, what would you guys recommend me? I plan on using it mostly for games like Bad Company2, Crysis, World of warcraft, etc. I might be overclocking depending on my needs but we'll see later.
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    Theres a great combo in your price range. Best AM3 mobo with fastest AMD quad core. :)
  2. And is the X4 965 better than a i5 for gaming? Just making sure
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    Depends what you say "better" means. The i5 750/760 will get you high fps in most games, although not by much. However, games are very dependent on the GPU, and a LOT less dependent on the CPU. With a 5850, you wont notice the difference in MOST games. Thing is the human eye and monitor cant register much past 60 fps. Just about any game out now you can get 60 fps+ on decent settings and resolution. Those that cant, you WONT get it with a better CPU. Games like Crysis, well with a 5850 you might be getting around 35 fps average depending on settings. With a 965, you might get about 40 fps, and with the i5 750, maybe a few fps added. Thing is, you wont be able to notice the added fps, and the fps wont get over 60. Now in a game like WoW, you might be getting 120 fps with the 965, but 135 fps with the i5 750. Thats great and all, but thing is you cant notice the difference. You save $40, and you wont notice the difference. Each have a different advantage too. The advantage for the i5 750 is that it starts at a much lower clock rate, but can get to the same OC, and therefore gets a higher OC gain. If you arent really sure about overclocking, this doesnt really matter. The advantage for the 965/955 is one, its cheaper by a decent bit, and 2, its AM3. AM3 will be one of the sockets AMD will use in its next CPU lineup. This way, you can always just put a new CPU in, where as with the i5 750, that isnt really possible. If any of that doesnt make sense, Ill clarify, but overall, id get the 955/965.
  4. Awesome, I think i'll go with the AMD since it looks more futureproof and it's cheaper if I understood correctly. I wanted to know tho, is the amd easy to overclock and overclock well? Im not planning to overclock it by a lot but i'd still like to know. thanks for your help mate, really apreciated
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  6. Currently, yeah id say AMD is "easier" but both are good. AMD is "easier" since this CPU is a black edition, which means you can not only increase the bus, but also the multiplier, making things a lot easier. AMD can also generally handle higher voltages more safely, however thats less of an advantage, and more of a safe proof.
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