Computer hangs at HDD detect, sometimes boots

Hi All,

I've got an issue with my pc detecting the devices connected to the motherboard sata ports.

Basically, it hangs at the splash/post screen then eventually moves on and stalls at the next screen when it has nothing to boot from.

What's a bigger concern for me is that sometimes it will detect, boot up and then run flawlessly ie no drop outs.

Computer specs are below, but I also have a sata II hard disk connected via a marvel pcie controller that detects each time no problem.

What's got me is that it's intermittent and (hopefully) solvable, can you guys give me any direction to look to find the problem?

As an aside here are my general computer specs.

e8500 intel cpu (stock clocks)
GA-G41MT-D3V gigabyte mobo
8gb corsair xms3 ram
xfx 4870x2 reference gpu

Sata Connections

128gb ocz octane (sata II type) - boot disk
750gb seagate barracude (connected via marvel raid card on pcie)
lg dvd-rw optic drive(sata II)

To be honest I haven't done much fiddling and swapping components, but does this sounds like a Mobo problem, PSU etc? Initially I was blaming the SSD (as it's an old type and potentially prone to failure) but seeing the cd drive drop out as well leads my to believe the mobo is playing up.

Cheers for any insight,

/Rob :sol:
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  1. Try new sata cables, they are cheap enough to swap out first.
    Also can check for a BIOS update for the motherboard.
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