Pci express 2.0 card in pci express 1.0 x16 slot

will nvidia 9400 gt run on pci express 1.0 x16 slot cos the specs says bus support is pci express 2.0 x16 slot & will it support ddr3 memory since the specs says memory support is ddr2 & will games like euro 2008 fifa 09 10 run smooth please help
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  1. PCI-E 2.0 is backward compatible with PCI-E 1.0,so you can use it on your motherboard.
    About the memory,do you mean the VGA memory or RAM ? if its the VGA,then you can use a DDR2 VGA on a motherboard which supports DDR3 VGA's but if its for RAM,then you can use a DDR2 RAM on a DDR3 motherboard
  2. memory means ram
  3. what is the graphics memory on g41 chipset
  4. It has a X4500MHD as an integrated card.but you can use any PCI-E cards on it.
  5. does using PCIEx 2.0 on PCIEx 1.0 will sacrafice GPU's max. performance??

    sorry not good english
  6. wat is the memory amount of the integrated card
  7. No it won't sacrifice the GPU's performance.
    And I think the integrated memory is 512mb
  8. so it will run fifa 09 19 smoothly
  9. with 4500MHD ? Yes but you may need to lower the resolution
  10. maybe...
    I planned to put a newly VGA (PCI-E 2.0) on my PC (only PCI-E 1.0)
    For example : i put HD 5670 on my old (i buy it on 2006) motherboard..
    Does it runs at normal speed? Is there'll be some Perf. impact? and does it require other power slot (i read somewhere that PCIE2 supplies more power than PCIE 1.0)??

    Sorry for my looong question and my bad english
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