Do BSODs damage computer parts?

Hi I've recently been having a PLETHORA of BSODs from my new dell refurbished PC. At first, bsods did not occur, but after 2-3 weeks, they've been becoming even more increasingly prevalent. I've had 4 in teh past week, and today ive had 6.
Dell has told me they will replace only my motherboard, ram, and HDD. Should I get other parts replaced as well? Or should I jsut return the whole computer alltogether.

I also have one more question. They told me the bsods were a result of a faulty install of windows 7 and that a file of windows 7 was causing the issue. How come the bsods didn't happen the first 2 weeks i've owned the pc, but are becoming even more increasingly present? Is it really an os issue, or did dell lie to me as this seems like a hardware issue.

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. Don't do anything to void your warranty, and if you have any doubts, send the thing back for repair or a refund.

    You can reinstall windows to see and that will answer the question of the OS being at fault. Write down the error code for the BSOD and google it, see if that sheds any light.
  2. Well I've been bsod'ing all day today while playing games and not. It might be from overheating, as my computer case feels hot today.

    Dell is supposedly coming to my home in the next week to replace my motherboard, ram and hdd.

    So regarding my earlier question, are the bsods caused by hardware issues or a faulty operating system install b/c i'd like to know if Dell is lying to me.
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    Both can cause them.

    I'd just wait for Dell. Otherwise I'd say take the side of the case off and see if that helps. If it does, then heat is probably the issue. But if you have one of those VOID if Broken stickers, I wouldn't try it.
  4. skora said:
    Both can cause them.

    I'd just wait for Dell. Otherwise I'd say take the side of the case off and see if that helps. If it does, then heat is probably the issue. But if you have one of those VOID if Broken stickers, I wouldn't try it.

    Okay thanks. Yeah there is no sticker for that on the pc. Is there a chance dell will attempt to find a loophole in the warranty to deny me service?
  5. I think Dell's service is pretty good. Never thought of them as game players.
  6. Okay thank you for clearing my qualms. Just the last q. Would my processor/psu be damaged from the constant bsods?
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  8. therealtelos said:
    Okay thank you for clearing my qualms. Just the last q. Would my processor/psu be damaged from the constant bsods?

    No, generally not from the BSOD, but the BSOD can be a symptom of a faulty part that can, like a CPU fan or the PSU is bad itself. Hard to diagnose those, its kind of replace it and if the problem goes away, that was it. Most places can't afford the proper equipment to actually test a PSU correctly and a CPU is pass/fail if its working.
  9. Okay wtf Dell replaced my HDD, Motherboard, and RAM today and 5 hours later, I BSOD again. WTF. What do i do now? return it all together or email dell and hope they send me a new pc
  10. If they replaced the HDD, then a fresh copy of the OS was probably installed? or did they copy it over from the old one? If it hasn't been reinstalled, reinstall the OS.

    If you continue to get the BSOD, send it back. Not worth the headache or cost to see if its PSU, HSF (it is spinning?), or CPU or some gremlin that couldn't be found. Press them to make it right and maybe you can get a little upgrade or longer warranty or something.

    Best of luck!
  11. Yes a fresh copy of Windows 7 was installed on the new HDD. What should I say to Dell in my return email to attempt to gain an upgrade or something of that nature?

    Thanks for all the h elp you've given me by the way. It's been IMMENSELY helpful.
  12. Always start by being nice. They are much more willing to give perks to someone they like. Stick to the facts first that you have a computer that's defective. Figure out if you want to continue to try to fix this through them, or a replacement machine all together. Once you have a good working relationship and are thanking them for their help through all this, ask is there anything they can do for the inconvenience and troubles. Whats the worse they can say, no.
  13. Just an update if you're interested.

    Okay so I sent Dell an extremely emotional and frustrating email to which the represesntative told me I would be sent a new PC. That was a week ago. Now Dell is telling me that they now instead sent me another refurbished PC with the same exact parts after I constantly showed them my frustrations with the service.

    To say the least, I'm disappointed. I now will be contemplating sending a new email expressing my anger. :(
  14. I think I may send it back and tell them to send me a new one or something of that sorts.
  15. I'd see if what they sent you works. Aside from the frustration and delay, if it does, then you ended up getting what you paid for. If you're not happy with the system, then it is completely up to you if you want to send it back. No sense in paying good money for something you don't want.
    Please ignore my teeneage girl typing skills but I received my refurbished Dell pc today. But it came with some "nice upgrades."

    Such as:

    i5-750 --> i7-860
    4gb Ram 1333mhz --> 8gb Ram 1066mhz
    Nvidia 310 Integrated --> ATI 1gb 5770
    500gb 7200 rpm sataII hdd --> 1gb 7200rpm SataII hdd

    OMG This is so awesome. THank you for all your help and thank you Dell.

  17. That's not an upgrade, thats a whole nother level. Congrats on your patience, it paid off. Don't forget to send Dell a thank you also. Or maybe not, they might say opps, we sent you the wrong system. :P
  18. ^_^
    Well after two days of use, the new computer blue screened.

    Wonder if I can finally get a new computer with the i7 and ATI HD5770.

    This is just getting silly...
  19. Since that the BSOD is present on both systems I have received, what is the probability that the issues stem from something I may have downloaded? Or both were faulty installs of Windows 7?

    Things I have downloaded on both systems active at the same time have been:

    Avast Free Anti Virus
    Zone Alarm Free Firewall
    Google Talk

    Those are the only things I run nearly 24 hours my PC is on.

    Also, the BSODs also seem to only happen at night, which is peculiar if not relevant.
  20. You can always try killing one service at a time and see.

    Are you getting the same error code with the BSOD?
  21. I actually am not. The first to sets of numbers separated by commas are the same, but the third set differs from teh code of my last computer.

    Another peculiar aspect is that the bsods only seem to happen at nighttime.
  22. I'd be really surprised if the BSOD are software based in Win 7. Copy down those codes and do a search on it.

    Might point you in the right direction. If its a mem error, you have enough sticks you can start pulling pairs till you figure which one it is. But who knows at this point.
  23. K dell said it was a motherboard/ video card issue and that they cannot completely find out which is the main cause, so they are replacing my motherboard, RAM, and Video card this time.

    They are changing my 5770 into a GTX260. Just a quick update and I hope it works.
  24. zonealarm free firewall was the cause of all my bsods.

    I subsequently removed it and have not received a signle bsod on this new PC.

    Yes it took this long for the entire situation to finish.
  25. Very cool to have that solved. Just don't tell Dell, they might send back you're old system and take the upgrades back :P
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