Athlon II x4 630 overheating

I just installed a new athlon II x4 630 on a asus M4a785 board, using the stock heatsink and fan. However my pc keeps shutting off and I believe its due to over heating. When i go into the bios it shows the temp between 63 c and 70 c. I replaced the thermal pad it came with with new thermal paste but it didnt seem to help. At a loss at this point.

I am not over clocking or anything just trying to use it at factory settings.
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  1. are you sure the fan is spinning? these chips are quite easy to cool, actually i ran a x4 620 without a cooler for abut half an hour and the chip simply underclocked itself, take off the heatsink, use rubbing alchohol to clean both cpu and heatsink base, apply a pea sized dot of thermalpasteto the center of the cppu and allow the weight of the cooler to spread it, plug in he fan and make sure it is spinning
  2. Fan is spinning and I reapplied the thermal paste like you said but its still getting up to 60+ celc. I seem to be having other issues as well. 1. when i shut it down it seems to just hang and not respond about half the time unless I shut it down within a few minutes of restarting. Also the usb ports seem to have stopped working. They were, and the bios detects the usb mouse being connected and it works in the ASUS Gate OS thing that opens, however when windows xp pro starts (it says mouse detected at the bottom) but the mouse never comes active.

    Any help is appreciated. This is my first build and at first everything seemed great until about 30 min later the S$*#( hit the fan.
  3. Hello and welcome to the forums
    What are your other system specs ? how many fans do you have in your case ? also what's your rooms temperature ?
  4. +1 on checking the voltage, also are you sure you installed evrything properly, run the pc with only the essentials connected to the board and see if the problem still occurs, ill c if i can find a vid tutorial
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