I format the hard disk and install a new os. can i able to recover the old files

OS classed Dell 6420 laptop, i installed OS by CD.
I not took old backup. Already new OS installed.
How can I recover the old backup?
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  1. If you installed the OS after formatting, those old files are probably overwrriten by the OS, which means they are gone for good.
  2. no backup=no restore
  3. Nothing to worry buddy,
    There's extreme possibilty for recovering your files from your formatted hard disk using this best hard drive file recovery software available at http://www.****/unformat-formatted-hard-drive.html
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  4. Hope is little but still worth a try, try a free data recovery software to check wether the data are overwritten, here is a free version: http://www.freenew.net/windows/icare-data-recovery-software-45/68220.htm it is powerful and most data loss can be resolved by it. Furthermore it is free.
    if it fails u can seek help from pros but this may cost some money and the result maybe the same.
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