What is Min hardware requirement for Full HD movies Playback

Hello Everyone,

This is my first question to TH forums.
I've just bought a 52" LCD and I want to see my HD movies MKV on that but for that a have to attached my PC to it.

Currently there is no DVD player support MKV and Full HD playback.

I know Some media player can do this and Xbox and ps3 too.
But i want to build my own system for this.

My question is What is Min hardware requirement (e.g my celeron lappy can do it with core codecs) for Full HD movies Playback?

Basically what i need a cheapest mobo+CPU+GPU (if u think require for playback)+ mini. ram+ OS(lightest as possible due to low ram and resources)

Basically i can be able to watch movie from DVD + my USB HDD (MKV, AVI's) + little bit surfing to that system.

Please also tell what will be budget for that system, Is own build system will cheap from market costly media player that support MKV playback though HDD.
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  1. I think Athlon II X2 would be the minimum in terms of CPU processing power, but some Atom and nVidia ION combos can play 1080p pretty well.
  2. thanks for quick reply, please tell me model name of athlon or nvidia ion's if possible

    If i configure this do i further need to buy GPU. And suggest cost thing also....
  3. I'm not sure to be honest, I'm not really an expert with HTPCs.
  4. Depending on what s/ware you use.

    Some s/ware cannot use the GPU for HD playback, and as we all know, HD is very taxing on the cpu, but not at all on a gpu.
    For the s/ware that can use GPU, i understand the CPU requirements are very low indeed. Even Atoms have been getting HD working well.

    As for what GPU will work? Check with the s/ware company. They may not support all GPU's for playback. Didn't cyberlink only support ATI way back?
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    For a list of recommended Hardware, Please see:

    Refernce to laptops - Have a blu-ray player installed in both and it plays plu-ray fine. Have not connected to a 50 in HDTV. My laptops are are a 1.6 dual core and a 1.8 GHz C2D both with intergrated 128 gig Video ram.

    A Low cost system can be built, I built my wife a 13-540 with a low end video card (5670, but a 5470, or 5570 with 512 Video ram should work (Equivalent AMP could be built for less). As to store bought systems, be careful. Most that have a blu-ray installed are typically more expensive. The integrated graphic in the I3-540 may work ok which means you may not have to buy a dedicated GPU. Have limited experence with AMD systems, but they are equivant and generally sligthly cheaper.
  6. Thanks for Your time and effort.

    Sir i have Less money and only one shot to buy. I have around 100 to 120 USD budget for all things :cry: , what system would suggest me then.

    I am thinking to install linux media center Edition for that system not paid OS like Xp or vista.

    I hope that OS include hardware acceleration player.
  7. Please tell me Do there is any blu ray player which can play MKV and other media from external HDD?
  8. Just the Blu-ray player will set you back approx 60 bucks, one that reads Blu-ray and writes to DVD =/-R is around $80. Does not leave much left for the rest of your system.
  9. thanks for your concern for blu ray price but i don't want Blu ray player,
    In india there is no bluray disc easily available

    Simple DVD player and rest HD video will rely on Totally external HDD (MKV)

    I just want Hardware name for HD playback i will tell u what it will cost in India where i live....
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