PSU recommendation for 2x AMD Opteron and Radeon HD 5770

So I'm looking to upgrade my video card to a Radeon HD 5770. It states that my PSU requirement be 450W and was not sure if my current PSU is good enough.

So right now, I'm currently running the following:
2x AMD Opteron 8384 2.7 GHz
8 GB of RAM
ATI FirePro3D V5700
2x HDD
1x DVDRW drive
520W PSU
Tyan S4985 Quad socket mb

With this current setup, will my PSU be good enough for the Radeon HD 5770?
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  1. If that 520W generic one, or a local made one, then change it. If you dont want to SLI/CF in the future. Then go for Corsair VX450W. That should just fine for a HD5770.
  2. Yes we need more info about your PSU,what brand is it ?
  3. It's a Seasonic M12II520
  4. That nice one... Stick with it! You can have HD5770 and the other core parts working fine on it.
  5. OK, even if I'm running 2 opteron chips on it? Yeah, definitely went with a nice one with this setup :)
  6. Hmmm.... not quite sure about the dual setup.

    Fill this out and let us know what you get.
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