OCZ Agility 4 120GB $69 and Agility 3 240GB $139

There are two options like i mentioned in the Thread Title. I am having hard time making decision. Agility 4 is newer but small capacity, Agility 3 is not bad but older model with twice the capacity. Should i go with Newer or Bigger SSD?

OCZ Agility 4 120GB $69 and Agility 3 240GB $139 both are available @ Gadgetar.
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  1. Both offer the same 1.74gb/$. If you need 240gb get 2 of the Agility 4s. Same overall size, same price and they'll be faster. I'd go with a single Agility 4 though. I have a 120gb Agility 3 right now and have Windows 7 and 3 large games on it. I have steam and any other games I want on a HDD - it works great that way.
  2. Always get the larger one if price isn't an issue. There will come a time where you might fill the lower capacity one. Or you might be able to fill it immediately if you're a heavy gamer, have tons of movies or music or photos, or do production work, etc...
  3. Good deal $140 + w/ $20 promo gift card for 240Gb http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227727

    But if you don't mind Agility3 is not real SATAIII SSD.
  4. Well i am leaning toward the Agility 4 120GB $69 is great price, plus better IOPS then Agility 3.

    But then again 240GB will retain better resale value. :)
  5. IOPS doesn't even matter unless you're a serious enthusiast and are going to push the drive - you probably aren't even gonna notice the difference between the two, if you had both in your computer

    the only question is whether u need more space - done, and get it
  6. Agree with Dingo07. Go for the bigger size. I went from an Agility 3 120gb to Vertex 4 120gb and did not feel any difference. I have seen reports on the web that if you start filling up your ssd, it actually slows down ...not sure if there is truth to that.

    I dont think SSD's will retain their value, not with OCZ discounting them so much as of late, which btw I am not complaining. I can now finally put SSD Agility 3 120gb in all of my 5 pc's at home :) Can't wait to see what Black Friday brings.
  7. 120GB Vertex 3 Dropped to $54 AR @ Gadgetar.com :o. Finally bought it, i am glad i waited. :)
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