Why does my computer freeze on post screen with my new graphics card?

I am using windows xp service pack 3 media center edition

pc specs: HP Pavillion, Intel Pentium D CPU 2.80GHz,2.00GB RAM, 500 watt power supply
i had a 8600gt 512mb and upgraded to a gt 240 1gb

The computer is quite old as you can see by the specs and not my main machine

The problem is that when i boot the computer up it just stays on the post screen showing the HP logo, the computer boots up with the 8600gt but not the gt 240
I have the latest drivers for the gt 240.

Please help, thankyou in advance
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  1. Yeah i have tried doing that but no luck :(
  2. Did you check with the HP website that the motherboard doesn't need a Bios flash to support the new card ?

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