Which is the best DDR3 graphic card?

Hello,which is the best graphic card ???
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  1. Budget
    PSU (Brand and model not just wattage)
    Current mainboard
  2. Yes tell us as much as you can about the system the card is going into. Budget/computer specs (including PSU info as already mentioned) Also screen size/resolution and what you are looking to do with it. A card for a MMO is a lot differant than a card for hardcore gaming.

  3. assuming you mean the BEST graphic cards that work with DDR3 Memory, -
    ^ going to pretend I never saw this

    nVidia GTX 480 / ATI HD 5970
  4. lol arterius
  5. motherboard : Gigabyte H61
    RAM : 4GB kingstone
    :cpu : intel core i3 3225
    650 wat
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