D-link wireless g usb adapter wua-1340 problem

i have a d-link adapter (wua-1340) and it is read on my desktop and all the drivers have been updated but the device will not enable in the windows network and sharing feature built into windows 7 i have tried to uninstall and then reinstall the driver did not help the problem. i tried a system restore and did not help the problem either. i tried the device on a different computer works perfectly fine. when i try to use the d-link connection tool it gives me an error no wireless adapter found even though windows is reading that the device has been plugged in. the only thing i haven't tried is using an alternative wireless connection software such as wefi. i am leaning toward buying a new wireless device. can someone give some suggestions on what to do?
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  1. Unless you can find a Win7 driver for it on the D-Link site your options are limited. Frankly as these devices cost peanuts now, I'd just buy a new one which promises to work with Win7.
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