Raid 1 on P8Z77-V Deluxe

We need help configuring RAID 1 on the Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe mobo.

Here's what we have:
1. Asus P8Z77-V Deluxe mobo
2. Samsung 256GB SSD
3. Four 3.0TB WD Red drives (SATA 6)

Here's what we want:
1. Boot from the SSD (Windows 7 already installed --> looks like we will have to re-install it after we enable RAID in the bios).
2. RAID 1 on two of the HDDs.
3. The remaining two drives will be used for backup (Acronis) and non-essential data storage.

Our question's are:
1. Is there any point in connecting the RAID 1 dives to SATA6 controllers? Would we get the same speed from the SATA3 controllers?
2. If SATA 6 makes sense, should we use the Marvell ports? After reading various comments, it sounds like we should instead install the SSD to Intel SATA 6, and connect the RAID 1 drives to the Intel Sata 3GB/s ports and not worry about speed.
3. We've also read that when we eventually build a new system, our hardware based RAID 1 volume will not transfer over, which means that we would be stuck restoring data from Acronis. Can anyone confirm this? We understand that Win 7 software based RAID would transfer, but is not supported by Acronis.

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  1. #3 = yes you cannot transfer raid drives like that, thats why you should have bought a NAS instead of doing this on a local computer.

    You would probably be better off running RAID 5 than this with the RAID 1 like you described.
  2. OK. I omitted that our cloud backup does not yet support NAS. That's why we're putting this on a local machine.
  3. Just to provide everyone with an update. We unplugged the HDDs, formatted the SSD and enabled SATA in the BIOS. When the system reboots, it does not provide the option hit CTRL I to load the Intel RAID configuration page. We tried repeatedly, with no success. Obviously we are missing a step here, but have yet to determine what it is.

    Any ideas?
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