HD 5770 with Alien vs Predator 2

Hello all my gaming frenz... :D

I play Alien vs Predator 2 with my CRT Resolution at 1280x768 at all max setting, When i do a jump action its sometime stuck why......???? :( :(

I think with that resolution and with HD 5770 Vapor-x it should be smooth and no problem when play all game right..? :bounce: :bounce:

Here my system spec:

Amd Phenomx4 955
500 watt Cooler Master PSU
Mother Board Asus M4A78
HD 5770 Vapor-x**no O.C**

Should i update my RAM to 4G..? :bounce: :bounce:
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  1. Yes, your HD5770 should be more than enough to handle that. I got my HD4890 playing even at 1920x1080 very smoothly and the HD5770 is not far from the 4890.

    I agree that the RAM may be just the part that's worth upgrading.

    But before going to that, have you updated your driver for the HD 5770?
  2. yes.. i now use ati catalyst 10.4...

    ok i will try upgrade my ram first...
  3. Does it happen on another game?
    Maybe re-installing the game will solve your problem...
  4. it does not sound like a RAM issue but rather an in-game bug issue

    check out the AvP web site, they should have a tech forum. There may be a patch to download.
  5. @ Dinkle85

    From what you said, the specs of your PC will be more than way way enough to
    play Alien vs Predator specially with the screen resolution you're currently on.
    you dont have to worry about any lags or twitching or what so ever.
    Ever if you set the screen resolution to 1280x1024 or to a much higher res.,
    Your 5770 Can handle it and will give you a good gaming experience.
  6. Ok.... i have upgrade my RAM and play AvP again and the result was very pleased me... :-)

    There is no more stuck. But sometimes its not run smoothly when play for long time, maybe graphic card are heat.

    If i change from CRT to LCD are gameplay can be smoothly if i play AvP again..???
  7. There should be no problem in switching to a higher resolution LCD since you got a great video card. I would recommend 1920x1080 resolution to get the most out your system.
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